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1923 Little Blue Books Select one of 26 booklets Haldeman-Julius Publishing Company. Collectible Nietzche Einstein Crime Pirates Church

1923 Little Blue Books Select one of 26 booklets Haldeman-Julius Publishing Company. Collectible Nietzche Einstein Crime Pirates Church

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The founder of the Little Blue Books claimed the idea for an inexpensive series of paperbacks came to him when he was a teenager, after reading Oscar Wilde’s The Ballad of Reading Gaol on a Philadelphia park bench. Over a decade later, this child of JewishRussian immigrants, Emanuel Julius, was a writer for the largest circulation socialist weekly in the United States, the venerable Appeal to Reason published in Girard, Kansas. In 1916, he married a local banker, Marcet Haldeman. When they married, they joined their names: Haldeman-Julius. In early 1919, with Marcet’s money, Emanuel partnered with Louis Kopelin, editor of the Appeal, and they bought the company.

Pick one of 26 Little Blue Books, including:
- Number 13: Man and His Ancestors, 1923
- Number 19: The Story of Friedrich Nietzche's Philosophy, 1924
- Number 34: The Mystery of the Iron Mask, 1923
- Number 66: Crimes of the Borgias, 1922
- Number 67: A History of the Medieval Christian Church, 1924
- Number 109: Facts You Should Know about the Classics, 1923
- Number 149: Historic Crimes and Criminals, 1923
- Number 170: A History of the Ancient Christian Church
- Number 192: Book of Synonyms
- Number 288: Tales of the Far North
- Number 321: History of Evolution
- Number 322: The Buddhist Philosophy of Life
- Number 401: Woman and the Warrior
- Number 408: An Introduction to Einstein's Theory of Relativity
- Number 412: Life of Mahoumet
- Number 452: Dictionary of Scientific Terms
- Number 558: Great Pirates
- Number 603: The ABC of the Electron Theory of Matter
- Number 607: Solving the Mystery of the Comets
- Number 609: Are the Planets Inhabited
- Number 627: A Short History of the Jews
- Number 754: An International Dictionary of Authors
- Number 765: Life of Francis Assisi
- Number 819: Book of Strange Murders
- Number 1169: Stories of Ships and the Sea
- Number 1259: A Dictionary of Geographical Names, 1927
- Number 1740: True Prison Escapes, 1934
Please see all pictures and noted condition. Grading scale:
- Fine: Unused, like new, without any flaws.
- VG+ (Very Good +): May have been opened & read, but no defects to the book, jacket or pages. Shows some small signs of wear but no tears on binding or paper. ⭐️
- VG (Very Good): More obvious signs of use with no significant creasing or defects.
- VG- (Very Good): Worn. Defects are noted.
- Poor / Fair / Former Library Book: Worn book that has complete text pages (including those with maps or plates) but may lack endpapers, have loose binding.

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